Forever with the SEAL introduces new spin-off: Shattered SEALs

At it’s heart, Forever with the SEAL is a wedding novella, but we meet Mac O’Brady, Hawk’s old commanding officer from the SEALs and a man tormented. He’s drinking too much, waiting for his estranged wife and family to reappear–a development that isn’t terribly likely to happen.

Hawk offers him the job if he can clean up his act, but Mac accepts because HERO Force’s resources may help him find his family. He only has one condition–he wants a specific type of man working for him–messed up, broken SEALs like himself.

The new HERO Force office in New York will be the home of my new Shattered SEALs series, coming in February. I’m crazy excited to write about these guys! Book one, Protecting his Witness, is available for preorder now, and includes a snowy cabin in the Catskill Mountains. I love snowy cabins!!

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Joanne says March 13, 2018

Just finished all of Hero Force. Can’t wait to start your next series of thrilling, sexy SEALS. Please write faster!

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