Holding his Hostage

Shattered SEALs Series, Volume 3

He must protect the woman who betrayed him...

Sloan Dvorak came home from basic training to find his girlfriend married to another man. He went on to become a Navy SEAL and did his best to forget her, proudly serving his country until he lost his arm in Kandahar. Now he's a member of HERO Force New York, wondering if one arm is enough to truly fight for anyone.

Joanne Regan had been separated from her husband for a year when he died in a brutal homicide. But before they could lower his body into the ground, the mob demands she pay up on her husband's debt - millions of dollars she doesn't know anything about. Now she's on the run, desperate for help with no one to turn to - a sympathy card from Sloan's mother guiding her like a beacon in the night.

Joanne shows up on Sloan's doorstep with her three kids, looking for his mother with the mob hot on her tail. Sloan is thrown into a dangerous spiral, drawing him closer and closer to the one woman he desperately needs to avoid, determined to save her and the children from a danger unlike any he's ever known.

Stranded with the SEAL

HERO Force, Volume 1

A runaway bride with amnesia and a Navy SEAL out for revenge.
What could possibly go wrong?

Navy SEAL Trevor "Hawk" Hawkins is on a mission to avenge his teammate's death when he crashes into another car during a blizzard. Olivia Grayson was running from her own wedding, but the accident leaves her struggling to remember anything at all. Sparks fly between Trevor and Olivia, but an enemy is quickly closing in on the remote cabin - and the holes in Olivia's memory might be the biggest danger of all.

News and Latest Releases

  • Holding his Hostage Wins NEST Writing Contest
    I was disappointed this morning when I read an email that said Engaging his Enemy was a finalist in the National Excellence in Storytelling contest. Then I saw a second email from the same address, and read that Holding his Hostage had come in first! I love Sloan’s story and I’m […]
  • Fighting his Fate finals in writing contest
    I’m excited to share the latest book in my Shattered SEALs series, Fighting his Fate, has finaled in the Carolyn’s Reader’s Choice contest. Brett and Grace’s story is one of my favorites and I’m looking forward to seeing how it does! […]
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