Fighting his Fate

He has no business taking care of one child, no less two...

Finalist for the Carolyn Award for best romantic suspense novel.

When HERO Force member and former Navy SEAL Brett Champion's cousin and friend are killed in a hit-and-run accident, Brett's asked to step in and take care of the couple's orphaned twin infants until the real next of kin can be located.

Nurse Grace Bryant has lived next door to Brett for years, allowing her to see firsthand his playboy lifestyle and careless ways. Thank God she has a good man of her own—a minister she suspects is about to pop the question. Grace is on-call when the babies are brought to the ER, and she spends the night caring for the twins, concerned for their future.

Grace is horrified when Brett is named their temporary guardian. Desperate to protect the twins, she agrees to stay with Brett and care for the infants herself. But it quickly becomes apparent the parents' deaths were no accident, and the twins were the intended target. Sparks fly between Brett and Grace as they race to discover the deadly truth behind the babies' conception, the evil forces that are out to get them, and the surprising identity of their biological father.