Cowboy and Charlotte are driving me crazy!!

I’m supposed to be writing Sloan’s story for Shattered SEALs, but my latest release Resisting his Target also showed Cowboy desperately wanting to marry Charlotte (the couple from Harbored by the SEAL) and Charlotte refusing to go along with his plan.

Well, damned if Cowboy won’t leave me alone!! The son of a gun keeps talking to me, so today I sat down and opened a new Scrivener file just to see what happened. POOF, the words were flowing! So now I need a title and a (third–OMG what am I doing) pre-order to get this baby rolling, because I do NOT turn my back on free-flowing words.

So good to see Cowboy and Charlotte again. They’re two of my favorites, and I can already tell they have some surprises in store for me, and I may not be able to call this a “wedding story” after all!!

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