Razorback to the Rescue

Book two of the Shattered SEALs series is now available on Amazon, and free to read in Kindle Unlimited! Razorback is one of my favorite heroes to-date. He’s brooding and distant, but sarcastic and sharp, and when he tempers that personality of his, light shines through the cracks in his armor. Oh, Razorback! I love you, man.

Our heroine in this book is Jackie, a woman who’s already been through hell and lived to tell about it. When the story opens, she’s on the beach in Mexico, running a small resort and caring for her seven-year-old daughter, Selena. But when she’s brutally attacked by an intruder, we quickly learn Jackie’s not who she seems, and the life she’s built for herself on the shore is about to be washed away for good.

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